Quality Assurance

All our members pride themselves on being part of a trusted and reliable collective of automotive dealerships on whom the public can rely. We research all of our members at the point of sign up to ensure they employ quality working practices and have a reputable level of positive customer reviews.

Unlike other websites, our mission to clean up the automotive sales industry is based on honest public feedback. Through working with both the public and the dealerships, we are committed to establishing a collective of certified, trusted and reliable automotive dealerships.

We use public review data and especially designed reporting metrics to audit our members on a quarterly basis, a process where we work directly with the dealerships to aid continuous improvement.

Only registered members can list their stock through the ATA website, ensuring an ethical and quality listing process. See the How It Works page for more information

How it works

ATA Membership Standards

All our dealership members have been vetted for quality purposes at the time of registration by our experienced team and all adhere to a set code of Membership Standards as below

Membership Requirements

  • Road test of vehicle to ensure it meets customers’ expectations and requirements
  • Honoring their obligations under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to protect the customer
  • Present all essential documentation, including V5 registration document, MOT (if applicable) and all available service records to customer
  • Be registered for VAT
  • Provide HPI report for every vehicle sold (upon request)
  • A satisfactory level of customer feedback with a defined customer relationship management practice in place
  • Record of fair and ethical business practices with a reputable historical level of quality customer service
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